Nyla Star Quilt Along Intro

Nyla Star Quilt Along Intro


Are you ready for this?! I am!!!

I can't even tell you how excited I am for this quilt along! From the beginning, I wanted to dedicate a quilt to my mom who is still living, and have a quilt along, too! Here we are! And I couldn't be more excited!
You can still sign up right here!
Here's the schedule for the quilt along below. It should allow for plenty of time to get everything done. Week five's Blocks C are pretty easy, so I added time to catch up there. I can't wait to see what you make!
As the weeks go on, the posts will be linked below, as well as in the general site navigation: 
Week 1: Select your fabric
Week 2: Cut your fabric
Week 3: Sew Blocks A
Week 4: Sew Blocks B
Week 5: Sew Blocks C and catch up
Week 6: Assemble quilt top
Week 7: Share!
Also, in case this is helpful, here are the fabric requirements for your shopping (store and stash) pleasure:

What tools do I need?


quilting tools

**For this next part, I do have some affiliate links where I get a small commission when you purchase this product with the link. But I use the products anyway. I'm just basically sending you to a reputable shop where you can find them. ;)**

For this pattern, you'll only need basic tools you likely already have. There are some fun extra tools to help speed up the process which I'll share as well, but really all you need are some basic things.

    Quilting Tools

    If you are looking to treat yourself or are short on time, these items you see above are super helpful.

    They're pretty amazing, and I've had them in my stash of tools for a while. They cost extra and are not absolutely necessary, but if you're short on time, they cut a lot of time out of the process.


    Quilt Along Sponsor

    We have an AMAZING longarm sponsor for the quilt along! I'm so excited to share that Joyce at Eva Mae's Custom Quilts will be our sponsor. She's actually one of my pattern testers and her work has been featured in many Art Gallery Fabrics Look Books. She's simply amazing! see below for details.

    Are you ready to quilt? Let's do this!!

      Quilt with bright colors

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