Wasatch Quilt is here!!

Wasatch Quilt is here!!

I'm absolutely thrilled to release my new pattern, Wasatch!  I grew up in the mountain valleys of Utah, shielded by the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. You could always tell which direction was east because of the towering mountains alongside. Here's a shot from a little snowshoeing adventure that actually inspired the pattern as well as the fabric pull.

I loved driving through the canyons growing up, and something about being in the mountains feels like home. They’re ever changing, ever beautiful, ever wild. The mountains are packed with snow in the winter (praying for snow each year) and bursting with wildflowers in the summer. You may even understand a little more about how this little quilty business got its name. This is Albion Basin in Little Cottonwood Canyon. These wildflowers bloom in July and they're breathtaking!

This pattern is dedicated to the beautiful mountains. The traditional layout looks a bit like snow-capped mountains with an alpine touch, surrounded by trees and snowy landscape. Then a perspective shift causes you to see the shape of a wildflower and its leaves. The mountains are full of surprises, so I created in the contemporary version for a change of scenery. The trail you take is yours to decide! This pattern is the first that reflects my love for the mountains and outdoors. 

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