I'm so excited you're here!

I'm so excited you're here!

Michelle Corless

I've been sewing for a looong time, but I've only been quilting since 2019. I learned how to sew when I was ten and was gifted a beautiful, avocado Kenmore mechanical machine. My mom was an expert seamstress and participated in 4-H as a youth so naturally she would want to pass down the skill. I mostly made clothing and crafts, but in 2019 I decided I wanted to do something I've always wanted to do--quilting. I made a couple when I was a teen, but I really wanted to make it a serious hobby. 

With a little help (and temptation) from my coworkers, and with some major shopping at MissourtQuiltCo.com, I was able to make my first couple quilts, and as you may have guessed, it snowballed from there! Twenty-four quilts in the first year!

Enter pandemic. A lot of others were turning to hobbies to escape some of the chaos of quarantine and cabin fever. I, too was totally sucked into this quilty, wonderful world. I've met so many friends and have grown so much. There are some fabulous, generous people out there who just want everyone to succeed and are so supportive. I try to be that person as well.

Fast forward to now, I'm so grateful to learn and grow with you in this quilty world!

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I just loved your Quilt And the way You explain. I vexame became very excited with that different ruler that cuts at the same time, but it’s very expensive, isn’t it? Specially for brazilian people like me: 1 dólar is 6 reais!!!
Thank you very much! Take care! Léa


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