The Lilian Star Quilt “OG” Tester Group

The Lilian Star Quilt “OG” Tester Group

When I first gave the hint that I had my first pattern in the works, a few brave souls agreed to test the Lilian Star Quilt. This talented group of people not only helped improve the pattern, they became my friends. There's something about community and sharing a common goal to accomplish something, which is a reason why I love quilting. Who knew that it would be a constant online party?

I owe a whole lot to these wonderful testers for my very first quilt pattern, and the very least I can do is showcase them, their makes, and talk about some of their talents. And I realize this post is late...but I hope you'll show them some love!

Jessica IG: @quiltingwithcake

Hilary IG: @just_one_more_stitch

Lisa IG: @witterbugquilts

Chelsea IG: @onthemarksews

Chelsea IG: @createwithchel

Emily IG: @browneyedquilter

Christine IG: @serendipityinlove

Chelsea IG: @quilted_mamas

Vicky IG: @loansbyvicky


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