Carrol's Garden Quilt is here! The stories continue!

Carrol's Garden Quilt is here! The stories continue!

The next quilt in the #GenerationsQuiltCollection is for my grandma Carrol! Buy the pattern here!

I loved visiting my grandparents’ home when I was a child. My grandma Carrol had beautiful gardens in the backyard, filled with flowers. I remember tons of marigolds. She and my grandpa let us dig in a flower box on the patio and create roads and tunnels for our model cars to drive through. I remember climbing the tree in the backyard as high as I could go. It was magical and beautiful.  The Carrol’s Garden Quilt features lots of greens to represent the gardens. There was a dark, olive green sofa and love seat set in their home and these greens in the quilt remind me of spending time there, looking through jars of tumbled rocks on the living room table. Grandma would sit on the love seat tatting, which is a somewhat lost art, now. Grandma Carrol loved to wear the color red. When she went out to an event, she had a red blazer and red plastic bead necklace. Small details make up memories, and this quilt is full of little things that remind me of her. 

This quilt pattern has been so fun to design. So many options and colorways! There's a super scrappy FQ version with scrappy binding, a half-yard version, four-color and two-color versions, too! Plus this pattern does not need any background! Um yes. No background! 

And if you're afraid of sewing curves, I totally get it. But some of my testers hadn't sewn curves (ever) and they did amazing. The diagrams and method I use will help a ton! 


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Saw this quilt pattern on @serendipityinlive IG page & had to buy your pattern! Love this & can’t wait to start! Thank you for creating this gorgeous pattern Michelle. ✌️❤️

Mikki Pyle

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