Lilian Star Quilt Along: Week 2

Lilian Star Quilt Along: Week 2

It's week 2! I'm so excited to be with you for the second week of the quilt along. This week we get to actually cut into that pretty fabric you selected! We also get to share a fat quarter or other piece of fabric with a quilty friend. Quilt along tasks

I selected fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics for the quilt along from Sharon Holland's Spirited collection, as well as some AGF Pure Solids. Art Gallery Fabrics is my favorite brand by far. Their collections mix so well together and the fabrics are just dreamy to sew with! Plus, there is very little fray. 

I'll be briefly going over two methods for cutting, though one is definitely my favorite. We'll go over that one first. There are no paid links in this're seeing what I actually use on my own.


Cut fabric


Stripology Ruler XL

Stripology Ruler

When I first heard of the Stripology Ruler from Creative Grids, I thought it was just kind of an expensive tool. I had no idea what a time saver it was! This helps me cut yardage in a snap. I fold the fabric in half from the fold to the selvage and line it up on one of the horizontal grid lines. Then I trim on the left side to even up the edge, then cut the width of the strip. The slots are in 1/2" increments. The video below shows the Stripology Ruler XL in action. 


Long Ruler

If you're cutting strips that are not 1/2" increments, using a long ruler of your choice is the way to go (the Lilian Star Quilt pattern is done in 1/2" increments). I fold fabric in half from fold to selvage as shown below. 

Fabric cutting tools

Then, I even up the very edge of the fabric on the far left side. Make sure your ruler is perpendicular to your fabric by squaring up the horizontal notches on your ruler with the horizontal line at the bottom of the selvage. After it's all evened up, I line up my ruler to cut the first strip. In the photo below you see that the ruler is placed on the 5" line of the ruler so you can cut a 5" strip. After your strips are cut, I usually stack them two strips at a time and use the same method to sub cut. 

Fabric cutting tools

Pretty simple this week! This pattern is a quick one to cut out. I think you'll be surprised at how straightforward it is! Can't wait to see your pretty stacks of fabric!