The Lilian Star Quilt Releasing on February 20, 2021! But what's in a name?

The Lilian Star Quilt Releasing on February 20, 2021! But what's in a name?

I’m writing this post with less than TWO WEEKS to the release date of the Lilian Star Quilt pattern! It’s been such a crazy whirlwind that I thought I better share this with y’all so you’ll know how this quilt was named.

First off, this is my first quilt pattern. I did not plan on releasing quilt patterns, let alone starting a quilty business. As anyone else knows, this COVID quarantine time has inspired some of us to do some pretty interesting things we never dreamed of. I created a quilt in EQ8 (Electric Quilt 8) and pieced it together as a Halloween quilt called “Hallow Stars”. I love star patterns and it was fairly simple to create. Several people asked if I was going to release the pattern. What?! Um…that’s a lot bigger plan than I was anticipating. Well, why not! So I got to work learning more about pattern creation, including learning more on Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. After some practice, the quilt pattern was coming together.

So, what to name the quilt? I pondered and decided to name the quilt after my sweet great-aunt, Lilian Wood, who gifted me her beautiful, avocado green Kenmore sewing machine when I was very little. She and her husband were unable to have children, so when a little girl was born into the family, she felt it would be in good hands. She passed away when I was four but I vaguely remember visiting her. I learned about this sewing machine when I was about nine years old.

My mom, a whiz of a maker and meticulous seamstress, shared that there was a sewing machine waiting for me downstairs in the basement. I could have it when I was ten, and I held her to it. I spent hours from then on creating doll clothes, dresses, costumes, and even a couple quilts in my late teens. This gift helped to build a creative life for me. I feel close to my Aunt Lil now.

We have a connection that’s greater than just a machine. My husband and I understand the complications and struggles of infertility as well, which makes her that much more dear to us. It feels comforting to be close to someone who understands. There is much to be thankful for and find joy in. I’m hoping she is feeling joy in this quilt that carries her name. Her namesake.

Lilian Star Quilt - AGF Homebody

And there you have it. The Lilian Star Quilt. I have a few more amazing women to pay tribute to as well, so stay tuned for more quilt patterns named after inspiring women in my life.


Theresa, thank you for your sweet comment! I just love your memory of your neighbor Lilian. It’s a fun coincidence…my great aunt’s family came over from England when she was very little. I sometimes have my own “tea time” with my herbal tea just to keep the tradition. I wished my great aunt had lived to 100 years old! It would have been so lovely to have gotten to know her much better. Thank you for sharing!

Michelle (admin)

I had a wonderful neighbor named Lilian. She was from England and lived to be 100 years old. She always had tea time at 4:00 pm and invited me to spend those occasional, enjoyable moments with her. She had numerous interesting stories to share and loved life. She had many friends and was always coming and going..maybe that’s why she lived so long!! She was a special lady who I will never forget. I love that you are honoring your aunt by naming a quilt after her.


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