Sweet LaNora Quilt is here!

Sweet LaNora Quilt is here!

Are you ready to meet Sweet LaNora? This quilt pattern inspired by my great-grandma LaNora.

Our family would visit her in Cedar City, Utah and she'd make us the most yummy breakfasts. I remember sleeping in a bed in her house, all snuggled into a quilt and listening to the rain fall. She was such a sweet, cheerful lady. She was also six feet tall! That's where we get the height in our family, though my height was moderated by one of my parents. :) 

She lost her husband early on and spent ten years caring for her two daughters before she remarried. I often wonder what helped her get through those years. She passed away when I was eleven, but she left an impression. In junior high, I drew this portrait of her from a photo. Unfortunately, I can't find the photo but this drawing shows how I felt about her.


I was gifted a gorgeous, tricot quilt that she crafted, made of half-square triangles. I only thought it would be fitting to include those in the design for the Sweet LaNora quilt, and include a little extra heart. ❤ I love and miss her, but it's wonderful how crafting and thinking of her takes me back. 

Sending you love, Grandma. 

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What lovely memories of your grandma


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